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The name Delta Swan comes from the view from our study window. On reflection, I realised I had chosen two symbols of change for my brand.

My choice may have been unconscious, but it is entirely appropriate. In mathematics, delta means the difference between and I help businesses bridge the difference between what they do today and what they want to do. And in the natural world, a delta is a region that regularly floods and is replenished by those flood waters. The Okavango Delta is celebrated for the wildlife it nurtures in the arid landscape of Northern Botswana.

Water lilies in the Okavango Delta

My style of project and change management is about refreshment, most of all making sure that change delivers a positive outcome for everyone involved.

The other symbol is the swan. Our local flood waters are less dramatic than those of the Okavango but they draw in lots of birds. We see many types of duck and have three regular flocks of geese. But my favourite visitors are the swans.

A family of swans

These graceful animals show the value in persevering and accepting a little disadvantage early on for a great outcome later in life. If you want to hum the song, this is the right time.

So, I unintentionally chose two symbols of change. I think that sums up my approach to life and business.

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