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Delta Swan specialises in changes that help you:

  • Satisfy your customers
  • Maximise the life-cycle of your products and services
  • Implement changes to regulations and legislation
  • Improve the performance of your business
  • Develop best in class products and services

We don't do change TO you

We support your team to design and deliver the change you need. Working with:

  • experts in each specialism, e.g. design, purchasing, manufacturing, marketing
  • a sponsor – the person accountable for the delivery of benefits
  • a governance team – key stakeholders who will influence the direction of the project and support it throughout the organisation

It’s our job is to help each of these people deliver their objectives so they and your business succeeds.

Does it sounds a bit warm and fluffy?

While the least successful projects start with a schedule (aka Gantt chart) and then micro manage the team into delivery (or not); change management alone is not enough. You deserve a project designed to succeed. By blending exemplary change and project management skills Delta Swan delivers your change goals so you can deliver business success.

Tailored services

We don’t offer one size fits all, we create your change to meet your needs and complementing the skills you already have. Our services fall into four groups, each including the change and project management you need.

  • Change definition – working backwards from your goal to engage the right people to do the right jobs at the right time. Understanding the costs, risks and benefits.
  • Change governance – creating the roles, responsibilities and processes that prevent the common causes of failure.
  • Change delivery – supporting your team and suppliers to deliver their actions and make things happen.
  • Benefits delivery – the change alone is not enough. We keep an eye on the prize and deliver the outcome you desire.

Building your capability

The best projects give your people new experiences and they learn new skills. Some may be project management skills, but they are more likely to be the softer skills of working in a cross-functional team. Your people will understand and appreciate the work of other functions and better explain their own work.  They will learn ways of exploring new ideas and putting them into practice. And their communications skills will grow.

Each team benefits from new ideas and perspectives which apply across many projects, products and services.

And Delta Swan gives you the tools and data to plan and deliver continuous improvement and further transformation.

Want to deliver benefits from Customer Experience Management, but not sure where to start?

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