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Your success demands performance improvements.

When organisations grow, their ways of work stop being effective. Give your team the tools they need to succeed.

In startups, a tightly knitted team can manage every customer, design each product, and watch profits and quality. They build customer relationships. They deliver the impossible – day in day out. They create and innovate

But as the number of customers grows, each person becomes busier. They have more to think about. They can no longer rely on memory or ad hoc processes. Important information is lost. The spark that lit your business goes out.

Perhaps prospects get stuck in your sales funnel? Do your customer reviews sting? Are you paying late delivery penalties? Have your competitors raised the bar? Performance improvements will put you back on your A game.

I can help:

  • Build, deploy and carry out your strategy
  • Identify the issues that hold you back
  • Put fixes in place: such as new or improved processes, customer focus, supply chain assessment

Is your team dysfunctional? Would work be fun if it wasn’t for the customers? Performance improvements need to remember the people throughout your value chain.

My support gives more than a bit of process mapping and an IT solution:

  • In facilitated sessions, I help your team restore, or build, relationships based on trust and respect
  • We can create a customer focus that produces exemplary customer-facing processes and communications
  • We will maximise the benefits and cut the cost of IT projects

Do you feel that prevention is better than cure?

Performance improvements are best made before disappointing a customer or losing money. Contact me now to find out how I can fine tune your performance.

I can design and lead workshops to get your team thinking about ‘what if…’

  • Informal discussions
  • Formal risk assessments
  • Audits against written procedures or regulations

photo credit: Steinar Engeland

Want to deliver benefits from Customer Experience Management, but not sure where to start?

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